List of notes

Look at this instruction.txt

Your network systems were attacked and encrypted. Contact us in order to restore your data. Don't make any changes in your file structure: touch no files, don't try to recover by yourself, that may lead to it's complete loss.

To contact us you have to download "tox" messenger:

Add user with the following ID to get your instructions:

Alternative way:

Your ID: [snip]

You should know that we have been downloading data from your network for a significant time before the attack: financial, client, business, post, technical and personal files.
In 10 days - it will be posted at our site http://bianlianlbc5an4kgnay3opdemgcryg2kpfcbgczopmm3dnbz3uaunad.onion / http://bianlivemqbawcco4cx4a672k2fip3guyxudzurfqvdszafam3ofqgqd.onion with links send to your clients, partners, competitors and news agencies, that will lead to a negative impact on your company: potential financial, business and reputational loses.