List of notes


Good whatever time of day it is!

Your safety service did a really poor job of protecting your files against our professionals.
Extortioner named BlackSuit has attacked your system.

As a result all your essential files were encrypted and saved at a secure serverfor further useand publishing on the Web into the public realm.
Now we have all your files like: financial reports, intellectual property, accounting, law actionsand complaints, personal filesand so onand so forth.

We are able to solve this problem in one touch.
We (BlackSuit) are ready to give you an opportunity to get all the things back if you agree to makea deal with us.
You have a chance to get rid of all possible financial, legal, insurance and many others risks and problems for a quite small compensation.
You can have a safety review of your systems.
All your files will be decrypted, your data will be reset, your systems will stay in safe.
Contact us through TOR browser using the link: