List of notes



--- What happened? ---
All of your files are encrypted and stolen. Stolen data will be published soon
on our tor website. There is no way to recover your data and prevent data leakage without us
Decryption is not possible without private key. Don't waste your and our time to recover your files.
It is impossible without our help

--- How to recover files & prevent leakage? ---
To make sure that we REALLY CAN recover your data - we offer FREE DECRYPTION for warranty.
We promise that you can recover all your files safely and prevent data leakage. We can do it!

--- Contact Us---
Download Tor Browser - and install it
Open website: http://cryptr3fmuv4di5uiczofjuypopr63x2gltlsvhur2ump4ebru2xd3yd.onion
Enter DECRYPTION ID: [snip]