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You've been hacked. All your corporate network servers and workstations are encrypted.
Your company is a victim of double extortion ransomware attack.

What is it? Basically it means that not only your data is encrypted, but it's also have been exfiltrated from your network.

Double Extortion attack explained in details :

===== What now? =====

If you want your network to be fully operational again and if you want us not to publish all files we've taken :

1. Download Tor Browser from original site :
2. Open this url in Tor Browser and visit this website : hxxps://7ypnbv3snejqmgce4kbewwvym4cm5j6lkzf2hra2hyhtsvwjaxwipkyd\.onion/
3. Enter this key : [snip]

If you've done everything correctly - now you are able to contact us and take a chance to leave this all behind for a reasonable fee.

NOTE : If TOR network is unavailable by any reason - you can use any VPN service to solve it.


# What happened? #

Your network was ATTACKED, your computers and servers were LOCKED.

You need to buy decryption tool for restore the network.
Take into consideration that we have also downloaded data from your network that in case of not making payment will be published on our news website.

# How to get my files back? #

1. Download Tor Browser and install it.
2. Open the Tor Browser and visit our website - hxxps://r2gttyb5vqu6swf5\.onion/eE5PWTlvbWc6OmxGYW5HM0dMd3FIRGQyUFo=/%cid_bot%

Tor Browser may be block in your country or corporate network. Try to use Tor over VPN!