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<title>How to Restore Your Files</title>

<h1>How to Restore Your Files</h1>

<p><strong><u>Security Alert!!!</u></strong></p>
<p>We hacked your company successfully</p>
<p>All files have been stolen and encrypted by us</p>
<p>If you want to restore files or avoid file leaks, please send <b>2.0781</b> bitcoins to the wallet <b>1PAFdD9fwqRWG4VcCGuY27VTW8xPZmuF1D</b></p>
<p>If money is received, encryption key will be available on <b>TOX_ID: D6C324719AD0AA50A54E4F8DED8E8220D8698DD67B218B5429466C40E7F72657C015D86C7E4A</b></p>

<p>Send money within 3 days, otherwise we will expose some data and raise the price</p>
<p>Don't try to decrypt important files, it may damage your files</p>
<p>Don't trust who can decrypt, they are liars, no one can decrypt without key file</p>
<p>If you don't send bitcoins, we will notify your customers of the data breach by email and text message</p>
<p>And sell your data to your opponents or criminals, data may be made release</p>

<p>SSH is turned on</p>
<p>Firewall is disabled</p>