List of notes


<h1>All your files was encrypted!</h1>
<p>Your personal ID: <b>[snip]</b></p>
<p>Your personal KEY: [snip]</p>
<p>1. Download Tor browser - <a href=''></a></p>
<p>2. Install Tor browser</p>
<p>3. Open Tor Browser</p>
<p>4. Open link in TOR browser: <b>http://qvo5sd7p5yazwbrgioky7rdu4vslxrcaeruhjr7ztn3t2pihp56ewlqd.onion/?guid=[snip]</b></p>
<p>5. Follow the instructions on this page</p>
<h2>***** Warning*****</h2>
<p>Do not rename files</p>
<p>Do not try to back your data using third-party software, it may cause permanent data loss(If you do not believe us, and still try to - make copies of all files so that we can help you if third-party software harms them)</p>
<p>As evidence, we can for free back one file</p>
<p>Decoders of other users is not suitable to back your files - encryption key is created on your computer when the program is launched - it is unique.</p>