List of notes

How To Restore Your Files.txt

>> What happens?
Your files are encrypted, without our help, it's irreversible. We got all of your confidential data, including business information.If we do not receive payment, we will leak the data(Including your competitors or law enforcement may get them on the web).Of course our disclosure will not reveal the complete document, some confidential information will appear in redacted form, which will not be recoverable on a computer.Everyone needs to be paid for their labor, and if you don't pay for it, your data can only be erased.

>> How to contact with us?
1. Download and install TOR Browser ([If you don't know how to use it, do a Google search!]
2. Open http://wy35mxvqxff4vufq64v4rrahxltn6ry33hjoogydwti6wbqutjaxrvid.onion/clients/chat/[snip]
3. Contact us all the time, you may have something unexpected!

>> What guarantees?
As soon as you pay, you can get a comprehensive solution to this problem, and we provide you with a complete security audit solution to help you strengthen your security measures,and we will delete the data we get from you.Hopefully you can contact us soon for any information you'd like to know!We offer you a free test decryption in our webpage!

>>> Warning! Recovery recommendations.
We strongly recommend you to do not MODIFY or REPAIR your files, as this will damage them.