List of notes


All of your files have been encrypted. Your backup files as well. We have exfiltrated tons of your private data to our servers including data of your clients
Read on. In order to restore your operations avoid leaking/selling your data and keep your business reputation intact contact us directly on the below TOX ID as soon as possible.

1) TOX Download:
2) TOX ID: 4A7F41CC6A5B87AF99450066F313C224D4E0E5501414670A8C5B802403E6292F9A8D1936A9F0
3) Install TOX and add the TOX ID in the step 2
4) Share your personal ID over TOX chat (Do not send hello without your personal ID provided below)

Upon contacting us proof will be provided that we can decrypt your data and samples of exfiltrated confidential information will also be provided.

Although its not our intention if you do not cooperate we will not hesitate to make your data public including any confidential data sell to your competitors/bidders or send your clients their data just to make you look really bad and lose your clients trust or even worse being prosecuted for not telling your affected clients that their data has been compromised.

Talking to law enforcement will only ensure that you don't get a decryption key and put your business reputation on the line.

Follow the guidelines below to avoid losing your data:

* Do not rename encrypted files.
* Do not try to decrypt your data using third party software it may cause permanent data loss.
* Do not report to the Police, FBI, etc. They don't care about your business.
They simply won't allow you to pay. As a result you will lose everything.
* Do not hire a recovery company. They can't decrypt without the key.
They also don't care about your business. They believe that they are
good negotiators, but it is not. They usually fail. So speak for yourself.
* Do not reject to purchase. Exfiltrated files will be publicly disclosed.