List of notes



Your files are encrypted and can not be used
To return your files in work condition you need decryption tool
Follow the instructions to decrypt all your data

Do not try to change or restore files yourself, this will break them
If you want, on our site you can decrypt one file for free. Free test decryption allowed only for not valuable file with size less than 3MB

How to get decryption tool:
1) Download and install TOR browser by this link:
2) If TOR blocked in your country and you can't access to the link then use any VPN software
3) Run TOR browser and open the site: wtyafjyhwqrgo4a45wdvvwhen3cx4euie73qvlhkhvlrexljoyuklaad.onion/mallox/privateSignin
4) Copy your private ID in the input field. Your Private key: [snip]
5) You will see payment information and we can make free test decryption here

Our blog of leaked companies:

If you are unable to contact us through the site, then you can email us:
Waiting for a response via mail can be several days. Do not use it if you have not tried contacting through the site.