List of notes


---=== NEMTY PROJECT ===---

[+] Whats Happen? [+]

Your files are encrypted, and currently unavailable. You can check it: all files on you computer has extension .nemty
By the way, everything is possible to restore, but you need to follow our instructions. Otherwise, you cant return your data (NEVER).

[+] What guarantees? [+]

It's just a business. We absolutely do not care about you and your deals, except getting benefits.
If we do not do our work and liabilities - nobody will not cooperate with us.
It's not in our interests.
If you will not cooperate with our service - for us, its does not matter. But you will lose your time and data, cause just we have the private key.
In practise - time is much more valuable than money.

[+] How to get access on website? [+]

1) Download and install TOR browser from this site:
2) Open our website: zjoxyw5mkacojk5ptn2iprkivg5clow72mjkyk5ttubzxprjjnwapkad.onion/pay

When you open our website, follow the instructions and you will get your files back.

Configuration file path: [snip]


---> NEMTY 2.5 REVENGE <---

Some (or maybe all) of your files got encryped.
We provide decryption tool if you pay a ransom.

Don't worry, if we can't help you with decrypting - other people won't trust us.
We provide test decryption, as proof that we can decrypt your data.

You have 3 month to pay (after visiting the ransom page) until decryption key will be deleted from server.
After 3 month no one, even our service can't make decryptor.

1) Web-Browser
a) Open your browser.
B) Open this link:
c) Upload this file.
d) Follow the instructions.

2) Tor-Browser
a) Download&Install Tor-Browser.
B) Open Tor-Browser.
c) Open this link : http://zjoxyw5mkacojk5ptn2iprkivg5clow72mjkyk5ttubzxprjjnwapkad.onion/public/pay.php
d) Upload this file.
e) Follow the instruction.




Don't worry, all your encrypted files can be restored.
It's a business, if we can't provide full decryption, other people won't trust us.

In confirmation, that we have decryption key, we can provide you test decryption.
On our website you can upload 1 encrypted picture (png,bmp,jpg,gif) and get it decrypted.

There is no way to decrypt your files without our help.
Don't trust anyone. Even your dog.

There is 1 way how to get to the website:

1) Any browser
a) Open your browser
b) Type this url:
c) Upload this note