List of notes


Greetings! Your files were stolen and encrypted.

You have two ways:

-> Pay a ransom and save your reputation.

-> Wait for a miracle and lose precious time.

We advise you not to wait.

After 2 days of your silence we will make a call your superiors and notificate them about what's happened.

After another 2 days all your competitors will be informed about your decision.

Finally, after 3 days we will post your critical data on our TOR-website.

If you are going to recover your files from backups and forget this like a nightmare, we are hurry to inform you - you can't prevent a leak.


-> Don't delete/rename encrypted files

-> Don't use any public "decryptor", they contain viruses.

You have to download TOR browser.

To contact with us your can use the following link:


The cat is out of the bag.