List of notes



If you see this, your files were successfully encrypted.
We advice you not to search free decryption method.
It's impossible. We are using symmetrical and asymmetric encryption.

- Don't rename encrypted files.
- Don't change encrypted files.
- Don't use third party software.

To reach an agreement we offer you to visit our Onion Website.
How to open Onion links:
- Download TOR Browser from official website.
- Open and enter this link:
- On the page you will see a chat with the Support.
- Send your first message.

The faster you contact with us the faster you will get a solution.


Dear %username%, your files were encrypted, some are compromised.
Be sure, you can't restore it without our help.
You need a private key that only we have.
Contact us to reach an agreement or we will leak your black shit to media.
You will need to download TOR Browser.
After installation open this link and contact with support:
Be careful with your messages or you will never get your files back.