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If you want take back your data Contact with us

For you be sure your datas available you can sent us little sized 3 file we will decrpyt and sent you back.

For Contact US Please sent us all emails sometimes some email provider block our emails

e-mail :

Your WorkID : [WORKID]

>>>> Warning! Do not DELETE or MODIFY any files, it can lead to recovery problems!

For commmunicate with us via qtox download and add our QTOX ID

QTOX : A5F2F6058F70CE5953DC475EE6AF1F97FC6D487ABEBAE76915075E3A53525B1D863102EDD50E

Our Web sites for special insturctions and informations

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>>>> Your data are stolen and encrypted

>>>> What guarantees that we will not deceive you?

We are not a politically motivated group and we do not need anything other than your money.

If you pay, we will provide you the programs for decryption and we will delete your data.

If we do not give you decrypters, or we do not delete your data after payment, then nobody will pay us in
the future.

Therefore to us our reputation is very important. We attack the companies worldwide and there is no
dissatisfied victim after payment.

>>>> You need contact us and decrypt one file for free With DECRYPTION ID

e-mail :
e-mail 2 :

Please send all email adress for backup communication

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For chat with us via qtox download and add our QTOX ID

QTOX : F1D0F45DBC3F4CA784D5D0D0DD8ADCD31AB5645BE00293FE6302CD0381F6527AC647A61CB08D

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For detailed info our web site you can visit via torbrowser

Download and install torbrowser after paste url


Decryption ID : [snip]