List of notes



Your data was encrypted.
Please don’t try to modify or rename any of encrypted files, because it can result in serious data loss and decryption failure.

Note that we've downloaded a lot of your files from [snip] and we are ready to publish it.
Contact us ASAP to prevent it.

Your personal link with full information regarding this accident (use Tor browser):


Greetings, [snip]!
Read this message CAREFULLY and contact someone from IT department.
Your files are securely ENCRYPTED.
No third party decryption software EXISTS.
MODIFICATION or RENAMING encrypted files may cause decryption failure.
You can send us an encrypted file (not greater than 400KB) and we will decrypt it FOR FREE,
so you have no doubts in possibility to restore all files from all affected systems ANY TIME.
Encrypted file SHOULD NOT contain sensitive information (technical, backups, databases, large documents).
The rest of data will be available after the PAYMENT.
Infrastructure rebuild will cost you MUCH more.
Contact us ONLY if you officially represent the whole affected network.
The ONLY attachments we accept are non archived encrypted files for test decryption.
Speak ENGLISH when contacting us.
Mail us:
We kindly ask you not to use GMAIL, YAHOO or LIVE to contact us.
The PRICE depends on how quickly you do it.


Hello [snip]!
Your files are ENCRYPTED.
Don't modify or rename them because it may cause decryption failure.
To get details about this accident download TOR browser and visit: