List of notes

Data breach warning.txt

# RA World
## Notification
Your data are stolen and encrypted when you read this letter.
We have copied all data to our server.
Don't worry, your data will not be made public if you do what I want.
But if you don't pay, we will release the data, contact your customers and regulators and destroy your system again.
We can decrypt some files to prove that the decrypt tool works correctly.

## What we want?
Contact us, pay for ransom.
If you pay, we will provide you the programs for decryption and we will delete your data where on our servers.
If not, we will leak your datas and your company will appear in the shame list below.
If not, we will email to your customers and report to supervisory authority.

## How contact us?
We use qTox to contact, you can download qTox from office website:

Our qTox ID is:

We have no other contacts.
If there is no contact within 3 days, you will appear on our website and we will make sample files public.
If there is no contact within 7 days, we will stop communicating and release data in batches.
The longer time, the higher ransom.

## RA World Office Site:
[Permanent address] http://raworldw32b2qxevn3gp63pvibgixr4v75z62etlptg3u3pmajwra4ad.onion
[Temporary address]

## Sample files release link:
Sample files:[snip]

## Unpay Victim Lists
*** You'll be here too if you don't pay! ***
*** More and more people will get your files! ***


You can use Tor Browser to open .onion url.
Ger more information from Tor office website: