List of notes


-----------Welcome. Again. --------------------
[+]Whats Happen?[+]

Your files are encrypted,and currently unavailable. You can check it: all files on you computer has expansion robet.

By the way,everything is possible to recover (restore), but you need to follow our instructions. Otherwise, you cant return your data (NEVER).

[+] What guarantees?[+]

Its just a business. We absolutely do not care about you and your deals, except getting benefits. If we do not do our work and liabilities - nobody will not cooperate with us. Its not in our interests.

To check the file capacity, please send 3 files not larger than 1M to us, and we will prove that we are capable of restoring.

If you will not cooperate with our service - for us, its does not matter. But you will lose your time and data,cause just we have the private key. In practise - time is much more valuable than money.

If we find that a security vendor or law enforcement agency pretends to be you to negotiate with us, we will directly destroy the private key and no longer provide you with decryption services.

You have 3 days to contact us for negotiation. Within 3 days, we will provide a 50% discount. If the discount service is not provided for more than 3 days, the files will be leaked to our onion network. Every more than 3 days will increase the number of leaked files.

Please use the company email to contact us, otherwise we will not reply.

[+] How to get access on website?[+]

You have two ways:

1) [Recommended] Using a TOR browser!
a) Download and install TOR browser from this site:
b) Open our website:gamol6n6p2p4c3ad7gxmx3ur7wwdwlywebo2azv3vv5qlmjmole2zbyd.onion

2) Our mail box:
c)If the mailbox fails or is taken over, please open Onion Network to check the new mailbox
DONT try to change files by yourself, DONT use any third party software for restoring your data or antivirus solutions - its may entail damge of the private key and, as result, The Loss all data.

AGAIN: Its in your interests to get your files back. From our side, we (the best specialists) make everything for restoring, please should not interfere.

ONE MORE TIME: Security vendors and law enforcement agencies, please be aware that attacks on us will make us even stronger.