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If you are reading this, it means that your system were hit by Royal ransomware.
Please contact us via :

In the meantime, let us explain this case.It may seem complicated, but it is not!
Most likely what happened was that you decided to save some money on your security infrastructure.
Alas, as a result your critical data was not only encrypted but also copied from your systems on a secure server.
From there it can be published online.Then anyone on the internet from darknet criminals, ACLU journalists, Chinese government(different names for the same thing),
and even your employees will be able to see your internal documentation: personal data, HR reviews, internal lawsuitsand complains, financial reports, accounting, intellectual property, and more!

Fortunately we got you covered!

Royal offers you a unique deal.For a modest royalty(got it; got it ? ) for our pentesting services we will not only provide you with an amazing risk mitigation service,
covering you from reputational, legal, financial, regulatory, and insurance risks, but will also provide you with a security review for your systems.
To put it simply, your files will be decrypted, your data restoredand kept confidential, and your systems will remain secure.

Try Royal today and enter the new era of data security!
We are looking to hearing from you soon!