List of notes


The Underground team welcomes you!

We would like to inform that your network has been tested by us for vulnerabilities.

Poor network security could cause your data to be lost forever.

Your files are currently encrypted, they can be restored to their original state with a decryptor key that only we have.
The key is in a single copy on our server.

Attempting to recover data by your own efforts may result in data loss.
It is important not to change their current state. Each file additionally has a unique cipher, which you can restore only with our help.

We also examined your infrastructure and downloaded the most sensitive data.
The list of hosts from which the information was downloaded:

- ([snip].local)
- ([snip].LOCAL)
- ([snip].local)
- ([snip].local)
- ([snip].local)
- Synology (access via OpenVPN [snip]:1194)
-email communications with clients that contain confidential agreements
-accounting and tax reports for each client
-audit documents
-companys and clients financial documents
-clients passports/ID's and private information
-documents contain privileged and confidential information
-password-protected documents from a bank
-payroll data
-company financial and performance data
-employees personal information (Tc Identification Numbers)

The total amount of downloaded information more than 200 Gb

If you do not contact us within 3 days, or we cannot reach an agreement, all data will be published
on a site that no one can block.

Confidential data can be helpful for your competitors, enemies and darknet market hackers from over the world.
The consequences will be unpredictable and the process cannot be stopped.
Information about data leaks is bound to get into the media. Your company's reputation will be damaged.

We value and respect every business, including yours.
Therefore, we suggest you avoid further negative consequences and return to your work as soon as possible.

We guarantee a fair and confidential deal in the shortest possible time.
You will not only receive a decryptor, but also a description of your network vulnerabilities and information security recommendations. If necessary, you will be provided with qualified data recovery assistance.

You can trust us! Reputation is important to everyone.
As a proof of our statements, we are ready to restore some files for free and
demonstrate how our product works.

Best regards, Underground team !

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