List of notes


Hi, since you are reading this it means you have been hacked.

In addition to encrypting all your systems, deleting backups, we also downloaded 2 terabytes of confidential information.

Here's what you shouldn't do:

1) Contact the police, fbi or other authorities before the end of our deal

2) Contact the recovery company so that they would conduct dialogues with us. (This can slow down the recovery, and generally put our communication to naught)

3) Do not try to decrypt the files yourself, as well as do not change the file extension yourself !!! This can lead to the impossibility of their decryption.

4) Keep us for fools)

We will also stop any communication with you, and continue DDoS, calls to employees and business partners.

In a few weeks, we will simply repeat our attack and delete all your data from your networks, WHICH WILL LEAD TO THEIR UNAVAILABILITY!

Here's what you should do right after reading it:

1) If you are an ordinary employee, send our message to the CEO of the company, as well as to the IT department

2) If you are a CEO, or a specialist in the IT department, or another person who has weight in the company, you should contact us within 24 hours by email.

We are ready to confirm all our intentions regarding DDOS, calls, and deletion of the date at your first request.

As a guarantee that we can decrypt the files, we suggest that you send several files for free decryption.

Mails to contact us: