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2024-03-23 12:10:51
Our colleagues in INCD,It's always the same old story. You wanna keep silence, but finally you see it's not part of the solution. So, this is to inform you that we grabbed all active sessions of 473 people in your system, including C-Levels and cybersecurity professionals. You can tell them change their passwords because we've got all we needed. Woe to the people whom you are in charge of their privacy and security. Try to focus on your jobs instead of trading currencies, watching porn and dating online. Check this if you have any doubt: https://pastebin.com/k6cSV21P Sincerely@DarkBitChannel Images
2024-03-13 10:17:11
Guess who's coming to the stage.🔗https://freeupload.store/TAHi4/DOXOCUKo39.zip/download🔗https://freeupload.store/TAHi4/zirUmOLU35.zip/download@DarkBitChannel Images
2024-03-11 18:06:14
Our society mental health is kidnapped by a stupid administartion. A lot of nightmares came true not only after october 7th but also after ignoring the people, the hostages and thier families and friends. We hacked Mental Health Division, copied and reviewd almost all the documents and found a lot to represent to our nation about the crazy leaders. They will be punished.@DarkBitChannel Images
2024-03-11 18:05:06
Do you think our city is ready for a big war? Do you think our infrastructures are prepared for facing the disasters? We have to inform you that it's not. We've hacked the Municipality of Tel Aviv and got the details of all districts. That's unbleivable how much an idiot administration can downgrade a nation and ignore its legacy. They should pay for their irresponsibility.@DarkBitChannel Images
2024-03-11 17:37:46
We hacked Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) or precisely "Israel National Center of Dummies" - the center for a bunch of idiots. Our pioneer nation has the right to know who are in charge of their privacy, security and personal data. You should know the idiots who aren't able to protect themselves. Keep your calm and wait for upcoming surprises. We stand for our future and people. #HackforGood@DarkBitChannel Images
2024-03-10 16:45:16
Tomorrow never dies 💪🏻#HackForGood @darkbitchannel Images
2023-02-22 20:17:20
Unfortunately, Technion decided to ignore our compassionate advice and wanna listen to the stupid consultants of the racist government. It's ok if they don't wanna be professionals. So, we put some of Technion data for sale. The price of total bulk is 104 BTC if anyone buy all it at once. Of course, there's another way to buy the data separately based on your needs to faculties and departments:▫️Aerospace Engineering🗂 312.5 GB , 💰25 BTC▫️Architecture 🗂 21.8 GB , 💰4 BTC▫️ASRI🗂 109.4 GB , 💰9 BTC▫️Biology🗂 293.1 GB , 💰19 BTC▫️Biomedical Engineering🗂 34.9 GB , 💰5 BTC▫️Biotechnology and Food Engineering🗂 416.5 GB , 💰30 BTC▫️CAMERI🗂 880 MB , 💰1 BTC▫️Civil and Environmental Engineering 🗂 430 MB , 💰1 BTC▫️Chemical Engineering 🗂 93.3 GB , 💰8 BTC▫️Chemistry 🗂 36.0 GB , 💰4 BTC▫️Computer Science🗂 2.4 TB , 💰40 BTC▫️Education in Technology and Science 🗂 204.0 GB , 💰17 BTC▫️Electrical Engineering 🗂 91.9 GB , 💰18 BTC▫️GTEP🗂 16.4 GB , 💰4 BTC▫️Humanities and Arts🗂 1.8 GB , 💰2 BTC▫️Industrial Engineering and Management 🗂 7.3 GB , 💰3 BTC▫️Materials Science and Engineering 🗂 70.1 GB , 💰7 BTC▫️Mathematics 🗂 16.0 GB , 💰4 BTC▫️Mechanical Engineering 🗂 55.4 GB , 💰11 BTC▫️Medicine 🗂 300.9 GB , 💰19 BTC▫️Physics🗂 44.9 GB , 💰8 BTC▫️RBNI🗂 805 MB , 💰1 BTC📞Communicate via TOX Messenger:AB33BC51AFAC64D98226826E70B483593C81CB22E6A3B504F7A75348C38C862F00042F5245ACThis bulk is not all the Technion data. There are some other more wondering subdomains ready for sale if they don't stop putting pressure on our colleagues.Take this seriously. Our future and the destiny of this land is more important than anything and anyone.#StopFiringExperts #SocietalCollapseMatters#HackForGood@DarkBitChannel
2023-02-22 20:13:25
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2023-02-12 04:57:09
We hacked #Technion, the technological core of an apartheid regime.They should pay for their lies and crimes, their names and shames. They should pay for occupation, war crimes against humanity, killing the people (not only the Palestinians' bodies, but also Israelis' souls) and destroying the future and all dreams we had. They should pay for firing high-skilled experts.Say goodbye to your security if you support or have any kind of collaboration or partnership with #Israel, or you pay its expensive price.@DarkBitChannel
2023-02-11 21:51:50
Keep your calm, take a deep breath and rise against any kind of racism, fascism and apartheid. Then, you will find us beside yourselves.#HackForGood@DarkBitChannel
2023-02-11 21:50:12
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