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2024-05-26 16:29:52
Today we come forward with a small leak affecting Israel while we prepare for our larger hacks coming soon also against Israel, you may take a guess what is coming up though we love to keep it a surprise. Meanwhile for now we have a small data breach affecting Included in this leak is various different PDFs, documents, orders, and configs. This is just an appetizer to what we have coming next for this oppressive regime! Free Palestine 👻🍉We Run Shit Cause We Can
2024-05-23 22:45:13
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2024-05-23 22:42:16
Many of us in the underworld, ponder upon who's really the person up top? What do they know, how do they hide their tracks, and how do they vanish into thin air if need be. Some of us have had that thought while enjoying a blunt, "I'd like to have the skills of a CIA agent" How would I go about learning that? Clearly a VPN & TOR, and Whonix isn't enough. Tell me how.Ps: this is a new project by a friend of ours who hopes to improve people’s skill and teach OPSEC + OSINT/Intelligence as a whole. Highly recommend checking it out
2024-05-15 16:59:37
To be 100% clear all this means is our full focus and shift back into pure hacktivism/Political hacking.
2024-05-15 16:57:25
We'd like to announce GhostSec's leave from the financial motivation "CyberCrime" Scene. We as Ghosts have obtained enough funding through our times to continue funding our operations for a while we deem the cybercrime and ransomware we once promoted no longer necessary and will shift back to pure hacktivism what does this mean?All this means is that we will not be providing services anymore therefore the Ghostsec services channel and services once provided will be closed, The ransomware Ghostlocker will be closed Though we will provide the entire code of V3 to Stormous and shift all buyers from GL to the new Stormous locker making it a clean exit without any exit scam. Five families will be taken over and Stormous will be in charge with the new associates involved in that organization resulting in our complete retirement from the "cybercrime" and ransomware scene!What will remain? At the moment we will continue to keep our private channel and chat room available and will be running a discount from today until may 23rd, Get lifetime access to the private channel and chat room for $400 $250 ONLY until may 23rd. We may also plan soon to make and provide a hacking course/package though we are still debating on making this hack like a ghost course.Thank you for your constant support, love and understanding. We are very excited to continue and put all focus into our work in changing the world to becoming a better place! Fight for something you believe in and truly find it for yourself. Chase your own freedom, dreams and goals. Then Pass it on to the future.Hack the planet!!We Run Shit Cause We Can!~GhostSec0
2024-05-11 12:42:04
Today we provide a huge leak affecting the Mexican cartel, Affecting Sinaloa,Jalisco, and other cartels in Mexico. The leak comes from various gov sites, centers owned/supported by cartel, and shops owned/supported by cartel. On top of all that a Research writeup that was done going into full depth about their operations, locations, and so much more!!If you stand for nothing, You fall for everything. Stand strong for what you believe in!We Run Shit Cause We Can!~GhostSec 👻
2024-05-07 18:37:33
2024-04-08 22:19:47
👻🍉The Israel breach has arrived and this is just the first of the many attacks and breaches we have in place for Israel, This time the breach contains Data from 3 different targets we have hacked in Israel!-Tel-Aviv BCAEIROSPACE (Air force)- Real estate corp in Israel- and the union of planners in Israel who have a heavy influence in gov!For the next attacks against Israel we have a very exciting mix of networks and targets we've breached affecting the Oppressing state of Israel. Besides the breaches we also are quite excited to present our next Industrial system attacks heavily affecting Israel ;) For a free Palestine 🇵🇸🍉 We Run Shit Cause We Can ~👻
2024-04-05 20:49:35
An interesting article written by cybernews, going over uncovering a huge CSAM network and hunting them down! read, enjoy!
2024-03-22 12:07:58
Continuing our attacks against Macedonia, this time going right for their military and ministry of defense! This ministry of defense's internal and external networks have all been downed and the websites belonging to the military ( We have also hacked the GPS system they have been using to track and send out shipments for their military (resources, weapons, etc) shipping different weapons and resources in and sometimes outside the country. Continuing to show the negligence of the Macedonian government!We have at the moment a full dataset (routes, drivers, truck information and move) from their live tracking system for their military trucks that are shipping various different things inside and outside the country. 👻 - We'd also like to add the Mail server for the Ministry of defense has been shutdown rendering them useless to receiving communications via email! ( being down (Ministry of defense VPN)PS: We will soon be posting a huge dataleak for OpWatermelon (OPISRAEL) and another post for OpCuba!We Run Shit Cause We Can! 👻~GhostSec Images Images
2024-03-13 23:15:31
The Ministry of information in Macedonia, Quite the dump of a country although beautiful and that is purely because of the corruption that resides in Macedonia within the Ministry of information specifically there is a level of incompetence and negligence that proves this point of Corruption therefore we have abused the living shit out of them 👻 - We downloaded everything from an FTP server in their network- Hacked and Enjoyed messing with their training programs- Downed the main website - Downed their entire Internal and External network resulting is ZERO connectivity!Negligence of this level for this specific ministry is an embarrassment.Some of the net being down (Main site + DNS) Rest of the net ROUTERS,DHCP,AND VPNs are all also down! Images Images Images Images
2024-03-09 17:57:06
There's a lot in the media some being slightly misinformed while others perfectly presenting us, but who's best placed to tell out story in the end? Here comes a ghost-produced documentary that tells you exactly who we are.Don't forget we love you all, and we run shit because we can!Ps: we changed somethings therefore the re upload.~GhostSec 👻🏴‍☠️
2024-03-07 14:07:31
Giangiacomo Pilia The prosecutor for court of Cagliari and his "Left hand man" Andrea Vacca have been involved in quite a few cases, why is this important you may ask? Due to them thinking they themselves are above the law and forging evidence, hiding disastrous events and overall causing lots of pain,loss and struggles for many people in Italy. We have looked deeper into all the past cases Pilia has been involved in and found quite the history of him including covering up a Cyanide waste falling into the river, forging evidence in a Fatal car accident and forging evidence in various other cases leading innocent people to be lead to jail, innocent people split and hurt. Most recent case a corruption investigation leading to seizures for Solinas, Lancioni, and Stevelli in Italy He and his "Left hand man" Vacca have been investigated by us and we've uncovered heavy evidence (Photos in the folder attached to the leak) adding this evidence + the previous cases of Pilia and his abuse of power we demand the high court in Italy to investigate both Pilia and Vacca and revoke them as prosecutors or having any power in the law in Italy as they have clearly been abusing this power and hurting many people over their time. Pilia has forged evidence to make arrest to the "political enemy" with support of Guardia di Finanza and head of Tributaria.
2024-03-02 18:25:51
There's a lot in the media some being slightly misinformed while others perfectly presenting us, but who's best placed to tell out story in the end? Here comes a ghost-produced documentary that tells you exactly who we are.Don't forget we love you all, and we run shit because we can!~GhostSec 👻🏴‍☠️
2024-02-20 06:48:08
👻🍉🏴‍☠️Operation "Watermelon" AKA OpIsrael is heavy in actionOur signature start off with ICS attacks all over Israel, today specifically we have targeted over 700+ Modbus devices and a few different HMI's and Panels on top of that leading to heavy damages to industrial systems for multiple industry's some of the effects can be minimal while others can be affected at a much larger scale. To the guys at Otorio did you miss us XoXo?For A free Palestine, A Palestine without a genocide and oppression, Call for a ceasefire and fight for the men,women and children constantly being killed in PalestineFor Freedom 🏴‍☠️We Run Shit Cause We Can~~ <3 👻 Images Images Images Images Images
2024-02-12 11:16:10
GhostSec pinned «An interview was conducted by "Today's Cyber News" recently who reached out to our leader "Sebastian D. Alexander" to speak about the recent hack affecting Indonesia's railway PT KAI The interview and overall article was great and written in a very nice way…»
2024-02-11 19:10:35
Announcement!We are selling VPN access (Fortinet) to one of the internet service providers and web hosting companies in the United States with revenues of $54 billion for only $20,000. Upon purchase, you will be provided with all the details and credential data (of course).Contact our Tox: C286720F7592E5668A932F1D06EDEECBAFACB3BE369632C908F9511D072C142575BA8109CBC6Or email us at odysseyPayments@underworld.dogIf you're coming from the Telegram channel, reach out to our sales representative @GhostSecSR.
2024-02-06 18:08:40
Loyal supporters, friends and customers today we present a great offer!We are selling VPN access with network scan and information to the largest Private bank in Ecuador with a revenue of $727.2 million for only $10,000. Upon purchasing you will be provided all details + credentials (obviously)Reach out to our Tox: C286720F7592E5668A932F1D06EDEECBAFACB3BE369632C908F9511D072C142575BA8109CBC6Or our email odysseypayments@underworld.dogOr if you come from the telegram channel reach out to our sales rep here @GhostSecSRDon't miss out on your chance to Penetrate a private bank!
2024-02-06 17:35:44
GhostSec 🤝 Rainhello to all.So theres a women’s college ( ) which we have found to be vulnerable:pWe @ rain have no way of contacting them ( i cba :3 )but hope they find this message eventually.You have a issue with ur Mysql server which makes it very easy to dump (we have farmed atleast 18 important files and tons more that aren’t critical)We urge you to fix this problem before other malicious hackers r able to take part in releasing these files :pAnd to the people viewing this we do not consider ourselves whitehats and you will soon figure this out with future breaches. However we do fight for equality and speak for the people who cant.(proof of dump above :3) Images Images
2024-02-01 19:51:17
An interview was conducted by "Today's Cyber News" recently who reached out to our leader "Sebastian D. Alexander" to speak about the recent hack affecting Indonesia's railway PT KAIThe interview and overall article was great and written in a very nice way, we highly suggest reading it.!We Run Shit Cause We Can~GhostSec
2024-01-20 06:17:45
Short announcementWe are announcing a small scale project backed by us to sell Databases that are low cost while also low demand. @LCdatabase This project started as a way to fund activists and hacktivists around the world.ALL The money received from the sale of the databases will be used to support activists and hacktivists in danger, and we are fully committed to this.@LCdatabaseFor FreedomFor Curiosity For Adventure~GhostSec 👻Hack the planet!
2024-01-19 15:23:42
GhostLocker A new generation of RAAS 👻Presenting GhostLocker V2! - Fully Written in GOLang🔐 Fully Effective and speedy Encryption 🔓 Fully Effective and speedy Decryption🦠 On current release FULLY FUD!!👀 User friendly and easy to use Web panel😳 We only take 12% from your operations!special pricing only for the first 10 buyers $999After the first 10 buyers it will go back to $1,199 the price will continue to go up especially on V3's release, don't miss out on your chance!FOR PURCHASE CONTACT @GhostSec420 or @GhostSecSR Lets all make some money together 💰
2024-01-15 18:03:25
Warning to PT KAI Indonesia Company[ Publishing your security team's efforts in dealing with and solving such issues by suspending portals "" and expelling our members from your network and changing passwords was a good move. However, if this is your approach to problem-solving, we have a different opinion. We have not been in your network for just one hour or something similar; our members have been there for about a week, collecting all the data and files related to the Invoasi system or others ][ Therefore, if there is no communication between us or an inability to negotiate, we will start leaking the first part of the data tomorrow with our partners in FF, and we can provide the public with the secrets of the entire company. ]Tox ID support :C286720F7592E5668A932F1D06EDEECBAFACB3BE369632C908F9511D072C142575BA8109CBC6
2024-01-14 18:35:02
Image above shows the VPN access to their networks, we suggest Kereta api to also take this seriously especially with recent news.We run shit cause we can!
2024-01-14 14:15:06
"PT Kereta Api Indonesia" is the national railway company in Indonesia, also known as "Kereta Api." It is responsible for operating train services throughout the country. The company was established to provide public transportation via railways and plays a vital role in connecting cities and regions in Indonesia. " "Datatype : Employee data, customer information, and more _ Railroad tax _ Company projects _ Internal system data _ Company records _ Geographic Information System data _ Railroad goods _ Information exchange system, and more...We got access through the private company VPN via several employee accounts. After gaining access to various dashboards, multiple systems, the company's various warehouses, and network access we downloaded a large amount of their data. If the company does not establish contact with us or negotiation fails, we will start leaking the first batch of data in the coming days.Starting now they have 15days to respond regarding this issue."For more information about this target, you can visit our blog on the Tor network: pdcizqzjitsgfcgqeyhuee5u6uki6zy5slzioinlhx6xjnsw25irdgqd.onion/DataPage/18397815624.html Images Images Images Images Images Images Images Images
2024-01-07 14:30:24
Developed by a member of ghostsec and supported by GhostSecA unique and new ETH Drainer, Much more convincing for the victims rather than a simple website!No need to host anything on your end, currently at only $250 with a price that will be rising soon. Many buyers have already hit a good success, dont miss out on SatoshiSnatcher!!Mention GHOSTSEC and you get 15% OFF!! from $250 to $200
2024-01-07 14:27:01
SatoshiSnatcher ETH Drainer + Builder"Complete"Still more features and things that will come in the future but currently consists of:- Specialised malware to drain wallets of those users' who are not susceptible to fake "Connect Wallet" websites. 🦠- Intercepts traffic on real & trusted cryptocurrency websites, injects into the site in order to prompt transactions & WalletConnect 📡- Drains entire ETH balance, functionality for custom ERC20 tokens and NFTs in the future! 🤑- Mobile Functionality, if it cannot inject into a wallet installed on the browser, it'll prompt the victim to connect their wallet via QR code from WalletConnect.Current known issues:• .LNK & .HTA builders = BROKEN ❌• Only MetaMask ETH Addresses (to receive drained funds) • Needs a crypter ✅NO NEED TO HOST ANYTHING!Contact @SnatcherCrew to purchase a whitelist, $250/life.Join here updates 🛎️BUILDER WORKS (EXCEPT HIGH-LEVEL OBFUSCATION, THIS HAS TO BE DONE MANUALLY!) Images Images
2024-01-02 23:44:34
Link to Leak: a known and large office area/ Real Estate all over the middle east, we come bearing news. Harsh news specifically to the branch they run in Qatar (mazayaqatar(.)com/)We hacked Mazaya Qatar recently and hit the direct head office rather then just the offices they rented out and real estate connected to them. You'll find some Lovely employee data we pulled out from them after the penetration ;) Use it for whatever you deem fit. We also hope your Super IT admin does't care about the picture or that we deleted the 85 users from this platform.Quite the simple, yet effective and fun BANG it was to start off 2024!! Link to Leak: THE FUCKING PLANETWe Run Shit Cause We Can!~GhostSec 👻🏴‍☠️ Images Images Images
2023-12-31 03:48:22
Happy New Years 🎉2023 has been a wonderful year for us as GhostSec, and all our partners, hopefully to you all the supporters as well.We have expanded this year to all kinds of new experiences and adventures, 2024 we will continue growing, expanding, and raising the bar. At GhostSec we chase and inspire freedom, Justice, truthfulness, and Humanity we will continue standing by this and celebrate our continuous success, growth and adventures!! we are very excited to present what we already have planned out for the start of 2024.Hack the planet!!Much love to all our supporters and partners <3~GhostSec