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2024-02-15 10:11:12
(New french gov website)
2024-02-15 10:10:41
Soon attack Images
2024-02-15 01:27:20
🔥Target : Microsoft➡️ATTACK Used : (1X)Browser(Custom Bypass)➡️WITH NO BLACKLISTS 💥 CheckHost :💵To Purchase : @DPM_00 (🚀Main Channel : Images
2024-02-14 20:21:25
Target: Policeman of Images Images
2024-02-14 20:11:31;,,,;;,;,,;;,,;,;,;,;,,,;,,,;,,;,;,;,,,;;,;,,,,;,;,;,;;
2024-02-14 20:11:30
Target: Leak:,,,,,;,;,,,,;;,;;,,;,,,;,;,;;,;;,;;,;,,;;,;;,;,,;,;,,;,;;,;;,,,;;,;;,,,;;,,;,;,,,;,,;,;,,;,;,,;,,;,,;,;,,,;,;,,;
2024-02-14 20:10:13
Target : Leak:,,,;;,,,,;,,,;,;,;,,,;,;,;,;;,;,,;,;;,;,,;;,,;,,;,,;;,,,;,,,;,,;;,;,,,,;,,,;;,;,,;,;,,;;,,;,,;,;;,,,,;;,,;,;,,;,;,,;,;;,
2024-02-14 13:53:27
Hello citizens of the world,LulzSec here.As you know, we've hacked thousands of CAF accounts.We would like to reassure the public that absolutely NO data will be made public. We did this attack for fun, and also to test your security. We simply ask one thing of our society. Open your eyes and look around you. We are directed and controlled.This was a message from LulzSec, don't worry about your data at all, nothing will be published. Images
2024-02-14 01:36:26
2024-02-14 01:35:39
Target -> -> Images
2024-02-14 01:01:37
Good evening everyone;After hacking numerous CAF accounts;we are going to hit harder by tackling the Olympic Games in ParisMany cyber attacks are coming.The media, the people, prepare yourselves.#LulzSec Images
2024-02-13 15:31:43
target federal lebanon ( Status Down ..#LulzSec Images
2024-02-13 14:40:13
Hacking groups Anonymous Sudan, KillNet and Moroccan Black Cyber have officially launched a cyber war against the Israeli government.#Anonymous Sudan #KillNte #Moroccan Black Cyber Army #Anonymous Images
2024-02-12 21:08:52
France the war is not over yet
2024-02-12 20:18:48
Greetings, Anonymous Europe and LulzSec have down the largest French company : Total EnergiesWebsite : https://totalenergies.frCheck Host : Images Images
2024-02-12 18:19:12
LulzSec hacked 600k caf account Images
2024-02-11 09:04:02
2024-02-11 09:03:55