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2023-10-07 03:02:35
check out our public group chat! we talk about cats here :3 all feds are welcome <3
2023-10-02 17:07:47
hello sexy researchers, followers,feds and reporters!holy bingles!!! We want to take the time to promote and support our friends over at @fedcreds marketplaceThey sell everything a hacker could want such as Kodex Global Accounts so you can perform fraudulent EDRs and Subpoenas. They also just put up for sale a FBI LEEP Portal account! How cool is that? Their prices vary based on request but I’m sure they have something for everybody so please go check them out! Images Images Images Images
2023-09-30 21:56:18
NATO: 0Siegedsec: 2The astonishing siegedsec hackers have struck NATO once more!!1!!!“we tend to have fun breaching intergovernmental alliances between large nations :p”We have gained access to the following-Joint Advanced Distributed Learning( Lessons Learned Portal( Documents-Logistics Network Portal( -588 Documents/Other filesCommunities of if Interest Cooperation Portal( :3)NATO investment Division Portal ( DocumentsNATO standardization Office(,116 Documentslinks to leak: bring to you over 3 thousand files totaling to over 9GB of uncompressed Data!Follow our X/Twitter: Images Images Images Images Images Images Images
2023-09-29 20:54:44
The Ortambo district in South Africa has been wonderfully penetrated by us, Le five families. We will keep this post short and direct to the point and our demands we have collected all the data Connected to your main domain which does include citizen and government official data that you probably wouldn't want published or sold. For us to delete this data and fuck off you can contact us on session.Session ID: 054690a2b5a9651d3a044dfd7da5baa3677fc35234f4bc3ebea2d5f37224432e34For general inquiry, questions, and even to reach out to us in a way different than session you can email us: thefivefamilies@tutanota.comIf you do not want to bother yourself with negotiations and all that our asking payout to hush up is $10,000 you may send it to the BTC address below.bc1qc488dzpq0xh5yjufzy0arwgn0fxh6mzl2e0hc6sic semper tyrannis Images
2023-09-29 12:33:07
Hi everyone :p we would like to include a short advertisement of our new twitter account! ~our newest and only official account, any other that isnt followed is not us. Our official email is:Siegedsec@tuta.iohope you all have a beautiful day!
2023-09-28 02:03:15
DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNAs you know, siegedsec doesnt really like any government entity, so guesssss whatttt? we decided to bring to you 2 databases from pemalang region of indonesia, with a 1.5M population, we accessed their government servers and decided to have a little fun, we hope they like the little gift we left(hint:we nuked everything!!!!1!!!)this juicy data includes thousands of user data,‘id,username,hashed password,authentication key,emails’message for the feds reading thishai again <3333links to leaklink1: Images Images Images Images
2023-09-20 01:28:57
~”OMG ITS SIEGEDSEC HOLY LULZ”;pyou heard that right! its siegedsec and today we decided to have a little fun on a multi gazillion trillion billion dollar investment company because “its for teh lulz!” Your favorite hackers decided to leak a whopping 20GB Database from peerberry, a peer 2 peer investment platform. Leaked by us!!!1! Given its been hacked before we give thanks to their devs for making it so easy!!Data includes Admin logs, Investment and financial data, & PIIP.SPeerberry, call up your DFIR team, youve just been pwned in the ass by cute and sexy hackers!!We love you all!!Link: Images Images Images Images Images
2023-09-12 08:41:02
~mmmmm yummm, Siegedsec brings to you the goodies of 3 databases coming from The-people fitness, & TMS or The Masonry Society. well over 10GB included here !!!!!!!1!!1!“H0ly sm0k35 I l0v3 c7b3r furr13s!”the records conclude of Usernames, Hashed Passwords, Auth Access tokens, LockLizard account details & much much more!!~nom nom nom“munching on terabytes of data”your favorite swag master furry group strikes again with much much more to come!links:Link1: all today from siegedsec folks, stay tuned for next time as you will forsure love this upcoming leak :)& for any other concerns feel free to contact r0x or at the email which will soon be provided Images Images Images Images Images
2023-09-08 00:12:42
- The Five Families 🏴‍☠️ Biostar is a company in Taiwan with a whopping 96.9 million dollars in revenue.. Today we come with a free publication directly affecting this company! :P A company that is seemingly related to technology should at least have good security, and a message directly from our dear friend userware in GhostSec, who had this to say: "I hope the web developer gets fired for not taking the schema into account. This implementation is just ugly."Leak includes Customer data and the company/employee's personal data!!! And there you have it, folks. I won't make this too long for both of our sakes. The download link and password can be found below; Link: Secure_D4t4_DUMP ~ FF 👻The World Is Yours <3 Images Images
2023-09-07 07:32:36
It's time for SiegedSec's leader, Vio/YourAnonWolf, to step down from leadership and take a break from hacking. I had an amazing time in this group, but I'd like to spend more time focusing on real-life matters instead of hacking. Last year I left hacking around this same time, but I couldn't stay away for long. Perhaps I will be back in the future.I will remain active in the community, but not as a representative of SiegedSec or in any groups. SiegedSec will continue despite this loss, under the leadership of another member.I love you all, ~Vio <3
2023-09-04 23:46:20
We've been quiet lately but now its time to go loud!We have been doing some cybersilly stuff, and now we present a data leak of TUM, Technical University of Mombasa~ :3Hundreds of thousands of records containing full names, addresses, email addresses, SMS logs, internal emails, passwords, and so much more! Both students and staff get the enjoyment of SiegedSec's Surprise!"TUM couldnt handle our cybersilliness :3c"We were going to leak their exams database containing the answer keys, but that'd be bad for their education :( so we're not going to release their exam answer keys. We're working on several leaks, stay tuned for more! LEAK: For fun conversations about cats, join our public group chat! @SiegedSec_Chat Images Images Images Images
2023-08-29 20:58:43
For our first major attack in collaboration as the Five families we come with a massive breach from the presidential website of Cuba, besides videos of us going through and deleting various records, there is a lot of juicy data included in this lovely leak coming directly from our well planned and organized families. There is a folder containing a shit ton of cases over the years from the people in Cuba raising their concerns to their government, they get handled like shit or receive false promises from their tyrannical and corrupt regime. Link to leak:, we create a brighter future for ourselves, our children and the generation after them. Stand up for change!HACK THE PLANET! Images
2023-08-28 18:41:18
Now for our major announcement, the creation of a modern day Five Families! A group created to establish better unity and connections for everyone in the underground world of the internet, to expand and grow our work and operations. We run shit cause we can!This Group consists and is lead by 5 people under those 5 groups comes their connections, tied groups and respective communitiesThe leaders of;ThreatSecGhostSecStormousBlackforumsSiegedSecCheers to this wonderful formation of the five families and the things we will bring to the table in the very near future 🥂
2023-08-21 01:46:35
2023-08-21 01:46:29
2023-08-21 01:46:19
2023-08-21 01:46:12
Wake up samurai, we've got a city to burn :3Today we are releasing citizen data of Panama, Chile & Italian Ministry of Justice.The Panama leak has ~2,000,000 citizen data rows and ~10,000,000citizen data of Chile.As usual more leaks are coming soon and we are going to keepthem as high quality as we can :eyes: If you wish to support us for providing these free leaksyou can donate to our monero address!49oZmddLqGv4BEgPQN2VxLLAoMYQjVSZrDXj8T4jQXxcgW44ioJ5tDzJYUUAP6FNsqA1NfYrrFZRZ7fFrpKFUUo5AptcbTmFeel free to contact @cipherkit for any press or other question. We do not recruit members.⬆️ Scroll on the message right up for the data ⬆️
2023-08-12 03:03:30
Recently, it came to our attention that a book has been published that has slandered SiegedSec. This statement is directed not only to the authors of the book, but also to anyone who claims we're affiliated with any government or siding with any country.On another note, we've been taking a short break and will soon get back into traveling the interwebs, meowing and causing chaos :3 Stay tuned~
2023-07-30 16:42:47
Hi! New download is available, but now with torrent. Thanks to maia crimew <3(Press/Media/Questions, DM @cipherkit)
2023-06-15 00:02:16
Link to leak:, Oh castrooo <3Your regime will collapse and we continue to push with the freedom fighters and brave warriors of Cuba! Coming with todays post is a lovely and large leak with a size of 6.35Gb. This leaks contains many logins, staff information, documents and records belonging to the government SPECIFICALLY Ministry of Energy and Mines (, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment ( and the Cuban government sponsored cultural site ( Lots of heavy and juicy documents and data. BOO Now that we have your attention this isn't the end of our attacks in support of the people of Cuba, the people of Cuba cannot keep sitting and taking this injustice and tyrannical regime, everyone makes a difference stand up and FIGHT FOR A BETTER CUBA!!Castro, how about you shake sumn for us. Enjoy the continuous penetration!==================================================================================================================Castroooo, Oh castrooo <3¡Tu régimen se derrumbará y nosotros seguiremos empujando con los luchadores por la libertad y los valientes guerreros de Cuba! Con el post de hoy llega una preciosa y gran filtración con un tamaño de 6.35Gb. Esta filtración contiene muchos logins, información del personal, documentos y registros pertenecientes al gobierno ESPECIFICAMENTE Ministerio de Energía y Minas (, Ministerio de Comercio Exterior e Inversión Extranjera ( y el sitio cultural patrocinado por el gobierno cubano ( Muchos documentos y datos pesados y jugosos. BOO ¡¡¡Ahora que tenemos su atención este no es el fin de nuestros ataques en apoyo al pueblo de Cuba, el pueblo de Cuba no puede seguir sentado y aguantando esta injusticia y régimen tiránico, todos hacemos la diferencia levántense y LUCHEN POR UNA CUBA MEJOR!!!Link to leak:
2023-05-28 16:24:03
Wesley Thijs aka "XSS rat" had his linkedinn hacked earlier today due to his sexual harassment towards his ONLY female employee at the time, and also making Rape jokes towards other employees. more details and proof check the post ~Your favorite digital gangsters #GhostSecMafia