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2023-03-30 20:36:00
CompTIA Pentest+ PT0-002 (Ethical Hacking & Pentest+) Lab [2023] baseleak
2023-03-30 19:38:50
[Udemy ]Programming real ransomware with Python[2023] baseleak
2023-03-26 14:35:33
I only have one questionWhy did these idiots (RF/BF) register users' IPs?
2023-03-26 14:26:11
🤦🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️ The FBI has access to the BreachForums (aka Breached) database.FBI Special Agent John Longmire revealed that the FBI had a Breached database that helped establish that Fitzpatrick was indeed a Pompompurin user.🤷🏻‍♂️ Fitzpatrick also made it easier for law enforcement to trace his connection to the online pseudonym Pompompurine after he told the RaidForums owner in a private conversation that one of the stolen databases did not contain his old email address, which was shown as leaked on Have I Been Pwned.🙉 The FBI was able to see this private conversation after taking over the RaidForums servers and its databases in February 2022.🛑 The FBI also found Fitzpatrick's IP address registered in the BreachForums database after he used it once to log into a forum, apparently forgetting to turn on Tor or VPN.🛑 This is the same IP address he used to access his personal iCloud account from his iPhone.👻 What can I say. In addition to the standard mistakes that Pompompurine made a lot of, there was a collection of a dossier on him at least at the beginning of last year. Taking into account the fact that even then the FBI knew his personal mail and could freely request data from Google and Apple ... The drain from IntelX looks like a regular legalization of already available information. Which only once again proves the connection of this illegal service with US law enforcement agencies.
2023-03-22 17:28:27 / source code leak
2023-03-22 14:47:03
BreachForums died
2023-03-19 06:18:45
U.S. law enforcement arrested on Wednesday a New York man believed to be Pompompurin, the owner of the BreachForums hacking forum.
2023-03-17 19:58:01
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 LEAK16 gbVarious design documents, artbooks, concepts, developments, etc.pdf / jpg / pngpass: baseleak
2023-03-01 23:00:53
@MotokoBotTaiwan tax registration information 2023 // 1594936~/getfile, H01SEINZSpass: baseleak
2023-02-12 16:11:24
Japan TG users 2023 // 540Kpass: baseleak
2023-01-18 04:55:47
BaseLeak pinned a GIF
2023-01-18 04:55:40
2023-01-11 00:42:47
@MotokoBotBrazil - Credit Score - IndividualsLines Count: 182,109,930File Size: Compressed: 689 MB File Size: Uncompressed: 5.8 GBYear of Compilation: 2019/getfile, CO8VVFT25
2023-01-09 05:21:34
STEAM IDid ; name; ippass: baseleak
2023-01-01 07:15:29
Passport/Driving License/Real ID
2022-12-31 21:36:24
!!! Happy New Year !!!I wish you all health, money and beautiful girlfriends 👌
2022-12-31 21:33:48 ( United Kingdom, Shopping Website)Date Of Breach: 16/10/2022 pass: baseleak
2022-12-29 12:58:45
500 Million WhatsApp Phone
2022-12-15 08:27:56
@MotokoBotcryptoex Gemini 2020Email and no full phone numbers/getfile, 39A2GYTU8
2022-11-21 20:26:33
Trickbot backend database
2022-10-16 12:15:27
@MotokoBot[2022] USA OakBend Medical [SSNs]Name: OakBend Medical dataDomain: www.oakbendmedcenter.orgDate: Jan 1st, 2022File Size: 989 MiBsRecord Count: 1,116,471 records /getfile, J8WOLRYHI
2022-09-21 23:45:40
@MotokoBotGameSprite.meDecember 2019/getfile, 8F70ZQWQ3
2022-09-19 10:20:55
@MotokoBotusa airforce 2006/getfile, FHJWX4BEG
2022-09-19 10:12:33
@MotokoBotIndia Job Seekers And Employees Database/getfile, 9F35RK4CB
2022-09-19 09:32:57
@MotokoBotNepal Police leak/getfile, H7PMSTZ7S
2022-09-19 08:38:54
@MotokoBot[INDONESIAN] KEMENKUMHAM.GO.ID mail / sql / pdf/getfile, VJEXGHFKO
2022-09-19 08:08:59
@MotokoBotIRAQ National Security LeakMicrosoft Access Databases16 base / mdb. files6.1GB uncompressed/getfile, 6W5GIXY6D
2022-09-11 23:47:24
@MotokoBotWirecard Brazil FULL DUMP|- Size - 400gb+|- Date - November 4 2021/getfile, DYI33OKVY
2022-08-04 16:49:22 [Full Dump]|- Format - .SQL|- Size - 3.8Gb|- Date - 03.08.2022/getfile, CNAOVHNLI
2022-07-25 09:25:24 2018Email / IP / Names / Pass / Usernames/getfile, 9EL1BX35Upass: baseleak
2022-07-17 09:27:27
PeopleDataLabs 2019 26 gbemail, first names, last names, GEO
2022-07-01 06:32:14
Department of TransportationUSA Texas 50 gb
2022-06-18 20:03:43
Ebooks [Petri Lankoski, Jussi Holopainen] Game Design Research
2022-06-18 19:51:24
Udemy, Md. A. Barik | LeetCode in Java: Algorithms Coding Interview Questions (2022) WEB-DL [EN / EN Sub] 6.86 GB
2022-06-18 19:07:44
Blender 3.1 – Tracer Character ModelingFull process videos and 3D modelsPatreon leak
2022-05-30 14:21:01 Email,Usernames,Passwords(hashed)125K+ Userpass: baseleak
2022-05-25 20:14:59
dewneot.inDate:~ 2018-11-23Lines:~ 142,676mail:pass
2022-04-29 13:35:33
Database Phone Number Japan with Provider1 Million @MotokoBot/getfile, 4RMZTJX9C
2022-04-19 13:22:00
Ward Arcuri Law Firm DatabaseSize: 46.3 GB@MotokoBot/getfile, QEK7NMQFZ