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2024-04-14 11:26:06
Greetings community,A small part of the database of will arrive soon, the other part will be to sell.Sorry, it is very long to dump.Have a great sunday.We are GLORIAMIST 🎩Stay elegant 😏 Images Images
2024-02-25 14:24:23
Greetings everyone,This is DeathHack. I am writing to you today to share a significant transition in my journey. While I remain committed to the cause of hacktivism, I have decided to adopt a new pseudonym, marking a fresh start.In the annals of internet history, the name “DeathHack” has left a profound mark. My contributions have shaped the landscape, pushing boundaries and challenging norms. As I embark on this new journey, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.I invite you to join me in this new chapter of my journey on my new channel: forward to continuing to explore new horizons and to have an undeniable impact on the digital world.I am Surtka, I was DeathHack.Best regards, Surtka (ex Deathhack)
2024-02-22 19:13:13
Greetings citizens,Sorry for our inactivity we will comeback soon, get ready.To restart, a little deface attack : Images
2024-02-12 18:40:32
LulzSec hacked 600k caf account Images
2024-02-11 10:43:45
2024-02-11 10:42:18
Greetings citizens of the world.Today, we have down 30,367 French websites.Here are first 1500 websites : Images
2024-02-11 09:43:30
Greetings,The website is still down after more than 14 hours.We will continue our attack.
2024-02-10 21:29:33
still down
2024-02-10 21:17:42
🇺🇸 Hello everyone,I'm delighted to introduce our latest export bot, designed specifically to allow you to extract all Intelx-related databases. In addition to this incredible functionality, we've set up competitive pricing to meet your Intelx usage needs.Rates :⏺Plan Basic : 25€ for 75 credits⏺Plan Advanced : 40€ for 150 credits⏺Plan Premium : 75€ for 300 credits⏺Plan Unlimited : 145€ for unlimited creditsUse of Credits: Each export consumes one credit.Contact us to find out more, or to start using our bot right now!Accepted payment methods :⏺Crypto 🪙🪙🪙⏺PayPal 🏦⏺PCS 🏦⏺Paysafecard 🏦🛡 Contact : @searchinfos📂 Shop : @intelxbotsearcher🤖 Bot : @intelligencexsearcher_bot⤵️ Vouches : @intelxbotsearcherproofs
2024-02-10 20:04:42
2024-02-10 19:51:46
OpFrance continues for us, because we remind you, but we are the French Resistance, so to annoy the French, we put down the French social network site is the equivalent of Twitter in France.Target : Host : are LAPSUS$ France.The French division of LAPSUS$. Images
2024-02-09 11:57:00
Hello citizens of this world,As promised, our operations have begun. We don't agree with our president Emmanuel Macron, so we're acting accordingly, by attacking the French government.The DGSI website is down.We are LAPSUS$ France.The French division of LAPSUS$. Images Images
2024-02-06 19:28:37
Greetings citizens of the world,LAPSUS$ France have officialy started operations. The French Revolution is us.Big dump will arrive soon... Images
2024-02-04 10:33:39
We posted on HackForums with our new account : DPM_666 which is the only valid and real one
2024-02-04 09:41:47
A promised DPMC2 will be released in a few hours , heres a showcase u cant miss tho 😉
2024-02-04 09:41:46
FOR -15% GO BUY AT @DPM_00 WITH THE CODE : DH Presentation :Discover limitless Power with DPM-NET, the epitome of High-End Power at your fingertips.Most of our methods are custom and highly effective against all sorts of sites. The clear net sites stand no chance against our power.For Layer 4 attacks, we unleash insane RAW power to bring down OVH Servers, Home Connections, Gaming Servers (COD, NFS, FORTNITE), and more.Example sites we can take down: Twitch, Microsoft, Trust Wallet, and more.... As shown in the Showcase AboveLAYER-7 Methods:1. BROWSER 🌐 - Bypassing Captcha CF2. BYPASS 💨 - Bypassing CloudFlare UAM3. TLS-VIP 🔒 - Strong TLS mix method4. TLS 🔒 - Strong TLS Method with more bypass5. RAW 🛡 - RAW Method for unprotected sitesLAYER-4 Methods:6. TCP-VIP 🚀 - VIP TCP-FLOOD7. UDP-VIP 🌐 - VIP UDP-FLOOD8. OVH 💣 - OVH Bypass Flood9. TCP 💨 - TCP-FLOOD10. UDP 💨 - UDP-FLOOD11. SOCKET ⚙️ - Socket Flood12. DISCORD 🎮 - Discord call flood13. GAME 🎮 - GAME Bypass High PPS14. HOME 🏠 - HOME Holder MethodExclusive Lifetime User Feature:Our Layer7 attack persists for up to 24 hours, shutting down any website for an entire day.(Exclusive for Lifetime users, applies to each concurrent attack)To make a purchase, please contact us at [].Accepted Payment Methods:- XMR 💸- LTC 💸- BTC 💸- ETH 💸- USDT 💸- and various other cryptocurrencies 💸Join our Groups:- Main Channel: []- Power Proofs/Vouches Channel: []
2024-01-24 12:17:34
The collaboration has officialy started, bigs DDoS attacks will arrive, with our partner Krypton Networks : Images
2024-01-23 06:43:59
Greeting,If you want to join LAPSUS$ France, contact us : @lapsusfr_botYou just need to be French. Images
2024-01-22 21:43:27
🔥 Target : Offensive Security (KALI Website)https://www.kali.orgMethod Used : BYPASS (Custom UAM Bypass)WITH NO BLACKLISTS 🐬: CheckHost : Purchase : @DPM_00 ( Channel : Images