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The project is shutting down. Thank you all for your attention and participation. See you in new projects!
2021-09-20 22:03:59
Elementia292Gb of data uploadedTOR browser linkWWW direct linkThere are 93 companies in the Elementia, including the Giant Cement Company. It connects its roots to the cement production in the United States. After a hacker attack there was a data leak and confidential documents such as drawings, contracts, financial information, correspondence may be publicly available. So if you don't have basic information security skills, be prepared to have your reputation rolled in cement.
2021-09-17 22:40:00
Meditopia 15Gb of files in possessionTOR browser linkWWW direct linkEach meditation has been crafted by a group of individuals who sincerely care about your mental and physical well-being. That’s why our programs can act as a shoulder to lean on when you feel you have nowhere else to turn to. Bring your anxieties and worries to Meditopia, and they will give it to everyone else.
2021-09-16 22:28:00
Dassault Falcon263Gb of data leakedTOR browser linkWWW direct linkSuch a field for development, but such a strong limitation in the form of not being able to follow information security. Confidential company information leaked online after a hacker attack. Financial statements, contracts, bank details, reports, drawings, employee lists went into the public domain. And now its reputation is going down in jet lag.
2021-09-15 21:32:01
The Virginia Federation of Republican Women3Gb of files uploadedTOR browser linkWWW direct linkThe VFRW aims to help build and maintain a nation and a Commonwealth governed by the principles of the Republican Party. But these principles do not include a lack of information security and a total lack of responsibility for one's mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but usually only once. The organization's emails and personal correspondence leaked online
2021-09-10 21:16:49
Morgan Truck Body74Gb of data leakedTOR browser linkWWW direct link The company allegedly wants to share values with people who make the success of the company possible and to deliver results for customers, but herewith confidential customers' and company's information, budget data, reports and other company's documents leaked online after the hack. Do high values and gratitude to customers imply such a return?
2021-09-08 01:58:42
GigaTribe5Gb of data uploadedTOR browser linkWWW direct link "Only people you have invited can see your files. Only the folders you have selected are visible to your contacts. Every exchange is strongly encrypted: No one can see what is being shared. Nothing is stored on a server, all shared folders are on your hard drive".After the hacker attack confidential client and company data was leaked. And the principles outlined on the website have not been met.
2021-09-05 22:54:01
Millensys3Gb of data availableTOR browser linkWWW direct linkMillensys is leader in healthcare and business IT solutions, providing a state of the art software solutions for the healthcare, industrial and business sectors, integrating multiple systems that help multiple organizations, business owners and health care professionals to run their daily business. It is unfortunate that such a useful project can collapse as confidential customers' and company's information, budget data, reports and other company's documents leaked online after the hack.
2021-09-05 11:16:59
CBSL Transportation Services 87Gb of data on our siteTOR browser linkWWW direct link"We take pride in our ability to effectively handle all projects". Yes, CBSL will move your product directly into the hands of third parties, as well as your data. Or they will go straight to hell after losing their reputation. They are already close to the flames.
2021-09-04 22:37:59
Toray Industries, Inc 4Gb of files stolenTOR browser linkWWW direct linkThe company has been on the market for almost a century and has a large distribution around the world. The company has also had joint projects with developed companies such as Fujitsu Limited. But what now? Confidential customers' and company's information, budget data, reports and other company's documents including information on projects leaked online after the hack. The company is now certain not to repeat its successes of last years.
2021-09-04 10:57:59
Bowman Plating Company37Gb of data leaked (including some secret docs)TOR browser linkWWW direct linkAttention to details and following best practices are very important, they allow to provide customers the quality, this is significant in any field. The company cannot follow the latest technology, although customers can use the Job Tracking System to follow the progress of the jobs online from the web site. Employee documents, databases, confidential company's information including budget data leaked online after the hacker attack
2021-09-03 22:16:59
Simon, Peragine, Smith & Redfearn33Gb available on our siteTOR browser linkWWW direct linkWorking together, the company's attorneys are recognized as leaders in their areas of practice, locally, regionally, and nationally. But confidential customers' and company's information, budget data, reports and other company's documents leaked online after the hack. And now neither philosophy nor basic principles can explain why personal information could not be saved.
2021-09-03 11:10:59
Esited2Gb of files leakedTOR browser linkWWW direct link"If you have a problem, challenge or need, so do we". This is very accurately said, because now you have enough problems with your data and your customers' data. Budget data, agreements, bank insurances, customers' data have fallen into hands of third parties after a hack. During years of operation you have moved forward and upgraded. Is it all for nothing and will you lose your reputation and your customers?
2021-09-03 01:15:24
We decided to show the seriousness of our marketplace and to publish our code of conduct. This is our manifest.We are Marketo. For the safety of the data.1. Marketo do not work with lockers or ransomwares2. Marketo never disrupt supply chains, work of any country, government, state, city and private companies by locking, encrypting or by any other mean3. Marketo always notifies about data leak4. Marketo always prioritizes negotiations with data owner5. Marketo targets and prioritize achieving agreement between us and the company6. Marketo do not disclose the vulnerability that helped us get the data to the third parties, except the company itself7. In case of receiving the payments from the company, Marketo sends a report about vulnerability that helped us get the data and consultancy on improving the defense layers. Also, Marketo deletes all data and puts company into the special list. Details of report depends on the final payment, but in any way upon reaching the agreements, the company gets report on vulnerability and entry point8. The list described before guarantees non-interference of Marketo into the further interaction with the hackers community and guarantees that Marketo will not accept, analyze, buy, sell or interact in any form with company data on the list9. Marketo respects it's buyers and do not publish purchased data10. Company data is selling in parts, rest of the data will be published.11. In any scenario critical data of the company, that declined to negotiate with Marketo, will be published, except data purchased by any other member of the market. 12. Part of the critical data will not be selling, but will be Marketo exclusive data, that would be published according to the point '10'13. In the process of interaction with company, Marketo always notifies the government about data leak. This include tax departments, financial, cybersecurity and every authority in the company industry.14. Marketo requires complete transparency about notification of data owners about data leak. If company started negotiations soon enough, warned about data leak and secured the rest of the company and affiliates data, the company can notify every affiliate and close the breach by themselves.15. If company decides not to negotiate with Marketo, then in any scenario every company affiliate will be notified and presented the proofs of data breach16. Marketo does not notify the media about negotiation status and price of the deal. Negotiation process with company is strictly confidential.17. Marketo open to the collaboration with companies, reporters, bloggers, enthusiasts and other people in cybersecurity. This also includes the people working in the same industry as the company listed on our site18. If someone is introducing themselves as negotiator from the Marketo or state they have a direct contact with Marketo, write to the Marketo only social media accounts or contact form on the site to verify the person. The official media: Twitter: @GottMannus, Telegram: marketo_leaks
2021-09-02 22:59:00
Epicor Software Corporation351Gb of data uploadedTOR browser linkWWW direct linkFor almost 50 years Epicor has worked with the customers to get to know their business, to figure out the solutions and to help them do business better. 50 years - it's quite a long time for a company. Nevertheless, even experienced businessmen have misfires. It is a pity that they are often the last, because in such an industry mistakes are inexcusable. After a hack, there are the leaked data: contracts, financial data and reports, agreements and documents related to confidential customer information.
2021-09-02 22:20:33
Virginia Department of Military Affairs as well as Elm3 Financial Group article got a little update. Full dump, to be exact.For VA Department there are two archives and total of 1.1Gb of quite interesting dataFor Elm3 we've published 17 archives and total of more than 140Gb of data. And that includes the clients data, personal info, everything you might be interested in
2021-09-02 11:55:00
One Source3Gb of data on our siteTOR browser linkWWW direct linkOne Source provides industry leading pricing and lead times, nevertheless our ability to perfectly execute an all-encompassing print management program to minimize your stress and maximize your return on investment is where we shine. This company has been on market for a very long time. One might say with complete confidence that this company is not competent in its field of activity because after the hacker attack company's emails and confidential correspondence leaked online.
2021-09-01 22:48:00
The Brokerage Land Co1Gb of data is uploadedTOR browser linkWWW direct linkOne might say with complete confidence that this company is not competent in its field of activity because after the hacker attack company's emails and confidential correspondence leaked online. Property, sales and documentation work require careful protection of information and data, as your reputation and clients' fortunes depend on it. It is very unfortunate that you have failed in your task.
2021-09-01 11:47:01
Georgia Healthcare Alliance 4Gb of data availableTOR browser linkWWW direct linkHCCs have formed the Georgia Healthcare Alliance, website as the one-stop-shop for healthcare preparedness resources in the state of Georgia. Touching story about helping the citizens and the availability of medical supplies. And that includes the availability of your documents. The responsibility that the bosses and employees of this firm cannot bear. After the hacker attack, company emails and confidential correspondence leaked online.