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2022-06-20 18:46:05
We need specialistsNetworking - System Administrator Server managerWeb development (secondary)Cryptography SpecialistsExploitation Expert or Reverse EngineeringC/C++, it's good to have more knowledge of assembler (knowledge of these languages should be for working with technology)Email us your skills :
2022-06-14 10:40:23
Old Words are Reborn with New Faces, No Duty is More Urgent Than Returning,To Exact Revenge For Yourself or Your Friends is Not Only a Right, it's an Absolute Duty, Look at You, You’re a Creature of God , How Can Someone Challenges an IMMORTAL ?
2022-06-14 10:11:32
Hi, Have all Your Data including Backup Files Which Contains Sensitive information of Historical Clinical Data, Login credential , User Data, Everything You Have in Your System. For More Information Check Your Email 📧RegardsT3AM IMM0RTAL$
2022-06-08 17:57:40
They deleted it and we put it back at your disposal
2022-06-08 17:55:10
We Are Back Here we have a gift for the state of Michoacán. We tried to negotiate with them but got no response. As an additional prize for you, we leave you a list of many of your currently active domains. We got all 26 Domains Data This is first part as a sample, Believe me there are many things to explore you know what I’m talking about.RegardsT3AM IMM0RTAL$
2022-06-03 21:53:08
2022-06-03 20:23:13
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